Mobile SDKs

This page provides an overview of features and benefits of the Bazaarvoice Mobile SDKs for Android and iOS.

About the SDKs

We are very excited to offer mobile-specific SDKs that you can use to build innovative native apps for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Our goal is to make it extremely easy for you to integrate Bazaarvoice functionality into your native mobile apps in the coolest ways you can imagine. The mobile SDKs are built on the Bazaarvoice Conversations API, so you get all the flexibility and customization options of the API combined with the ease of use of an SDK.

Start building now

  • Show contextually relevant ratings and reviews by filtering on age/gender/location/other data, as available in your Bazaarvoice UGC dataset.
  • Create an immersive experience with a gallery containing user-generated photos from reviews.
  • Engage your users by allowing them to submit a photo-based review.
  • Prompt your champion users to answer questions


  • iOS and Android SDKs based on the Bazaarvoice Conversations API
  • Quick Start Guide - Quickly get familiar with installation and building a bare-bones application using the SDK
  • Reference applications - Start building your mobile apps faster with these pre-built examples that incorporate our own best practices for coding, user experience, and visual and interaction design

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