Background & Opportunity

The two existing primary options Bazaarvoice offers clients today (Pixel and XML-based transaction feeds) for delivering transaction data and powering review request messages don’t currently meet all the needs of our clients.

  • Many small business clients struggle to manage feeds due to lack of technical resources.
  • Clients often need to split transaction data into smaller files due to size restrictions, which requires significant effort.
  • Some clients cannot upload feeds to SFTP servers due to corporate policies.
  • Clients face challenges in updating order information without having to resend entire feed files.
  • Clients need a way to delay or cancel review request messages.
  • Clients need to update information for out-of-stock products.
  • Clients should be able to track reviews by Order IDs for better management.
  • Clients may want to tag reviews collected through BV messages as "incentivized" for promotions.
  • Clients desire interoperability to easily share transaction data, such as using Pixel for transactions but API for updates.

As a result, they are looking for simpler ways of sending transaction data with us which can be managed easily.

Solution: Transactions API

Transactions API allows clients to share transactional data with BV to send Review request messages. Clients will have an option to send historical as well as current/ future order data based on their choice.

They will also have the flexibility to integrate this API in different end points based on their requirement to share various types of order data like Confirmed, Shipped or Delivered orders etc. Along with Create API, we will also plan to build an Update API which will allow clients to do any kind of changes in the given order information using the unique order id. This will help clients deliver the best customer experience.