The Bazaarvoice Response REST API allows you to respond to consumer reviews using code. Use the Response API to craft responses to negative or positive reviews, or address questions raised in reviews.

Note: Response authors must be brand-savvy and authorized company representatives.

The following image represents a Client Response to a review:

Rigth of access chart

The Bazaarvoice Response API supports the following actions:

The Bazaarvoice Response API follows the JSON API specification. API responses include relationships, data, and links. Author response and Review response endpoints are also exposed to support the JSON API specification.

Common use cases

You can create your own centralized review response management dashboard. This will eliminate the need for your team to sign in to the Bazaarvoice Ratings & Reviews solution. The Response API empowers clients and approved partners to integrate review response features programmatically into their systems.

  • Bazaarvoice clients can immediately leverage the Response API.
  • If you're not a Bazaarvoice client, reach out to [email protected] to become an approved partner.

Effort level

Using the API is different from using our Bazaarvoice-hosted Ratings & Reviews application. You'll need to build your own application by leveraging Bazaarvoice's data services. The API returns data in a machine-readable format, which you'll need to integrate into your own hosted application. Consequently, Bazaarvoice clients must possess substantial technical resources and capabilities to effectively employ this API.

Technical requirements

Your team should have the following proficiencies:

  • Web application development
  • Client/server interaction based on the HTTPS protocol
  • The ability to process JSON
  • User authentication with OAuth2
  • Data storage and retrieval

Team members

Your team should consist of at least one developer familiar with the technical requirements above.

Depending on your project scope, your team may require individuals with the following skills:

  • Network engineering and administration
  • Project management and planning
  • Web and graphic design
  • Software testing