The Social Commerce API is a REST API that provides access to various types of content and products. Content can be of any media type (images, gifs, videos) and from a mix of sources like brand editorial or user-generated content (UGC). The API provides query options for filtering, sorting, and selecting a subset of a Social Commerce brand’s content and products to power a wide variety of user experiences and data integrations.

For instructions on setting up engagement metrics for your API integration:

Setup Engagement Metrics

Use Cases

Social Commerce has a suite of self-serve tools, as well as an on-call solutions engineering team, for integrating Social Commerce onto your commerce channels. The Social Commerce API allows you to extend the use of your shoppable content through:

  • Seamless integration into your mobile apps.
  • Flexible integration of your shoppable content onto your site.
  • Easy import of your shoppable content into your data warehouse for in-house analytics.
  • Fast integration into partners, including ESPs and Ad platforms.