Retrieve Media - Top Image


The /media top image resource returns a 302 redirect to an image resource. Callers must follow the redirect to get the actual image bytes. The resource returned is the top image according to the sorting rule (default is Optimized). If using HTML or CSS, the redirect will be followed and the image displayed automatically. This API is most useful in environments where JavaScript or other code is not available, like Email.


All parameters are optional.

filterstringFilters the requested content. See options in the Media Filter section below.filter=productId:leather-jacket
offsetnumberGets the top image at the Nth offset. This enables displaying multiple images by simply varying the offset parameter. Valid values: 0 … 241
fallbackImagestringURL to an image to use as the result if no matching content is available.
widthnumberPixel width. Set to resize the image to the desired width.400
heightnumberPixel height. Use with the width parameter to control both dimensions, e.g., to create a square image. If the resulting aspect ratio differs from the original image, it will be cropped using an intelligent algorithm that preserves features in the image.400