Media Filters

Media Filter

Filters are composed of one or more key-value pairs combined with boolean operators and parenthetical groupings. At this time a NOT operator isn’t available.

Each key-value pair matches content that has at least one piece of metadata that satisfies the constraint. Values are case-insensitive so key:VaLuE works the same as key:value. The filter component of the request must be URI encoded.

Filter KeysDescriptionExample
productIdMatches on any product identifier from the feed: feed_id, item_grouping_id, sku, mpn, or gtin.productId:leather-jacket
productUrlMatches on product URL from the feed. The API attempts to canonicalize the URL before searching for matches to avoid mismatches due to URL variance and extra query parameters.productUrl:
labelMatches on labels added in the Social Commerce platform.label:homepage

usernameMatches on the social network username of the author of the original content.username:brandusername
categoryMatches on any full category string, partial category string, or a single component of a multi-level category string (e.g., Women's >Footwear >Boots).category:"Women ’s >Footwear >Boots "

category:"Women ’s >Footwear"

tagMatches on ingestion source hashtags, without the # symbol.tag:myhashtag
Other standard product feed fields including:

brand, manufacturer, age, gender
Matches each product metadata field from the product feed.brand:habiliment



Custom product feed fieldsSome product feeds have custom brand-specific fields. To make these accessible from the API, submit a support request.gem_stone:diamond

Example Filters

ExampleFilter LogicEncoded Filter Component
Product Details Page (PDP) – show content matching a specific productproductId:leather-jacketfilter=productId%3Aleather-jacket
Category Page – show content matching any products in the specified categoriescategory:womens and (category:shoes or category:boots)filter=category%3Awomens%20and%20(category%3Ashoes%20or%20category%3Aboots)
Home Page – feature specific content on the homepage for a campaign specific to a month and genderlabel:homepage and label:may_2016 and category:womensfilter=label%3Ahomepage%20and%20label%3Amay_2016%20and%20category%3Awomens