Deploy the Social Commerce ONE Page on your store


Social Commerce ONE Page is a dynamic landing page that can be used from any channel. It provides an optimal clickthru experience that promotes product discovery with automated shoppable content recommendations. It requires a one-time setup after which it can be used to create unlimited clickthru experiences from any channel going forward.

This guide will walk you through 2 steps:

  1. Install the Social Commerce script tag.
  2. Insert HTML on the page where you want to display your ONE Page.

Install Social Commerce script tag

In order to integrate the ONE Page code so that your experiences and analytics work across your site, it's recommended that you install the Social Commerce script tag on all pages by placing it in the <head> of your site layout. The Social Commerce script tag will not change the look or feel of your website. It will asynchronously load additional javascript as needed so that it doesn't impact the initial page load time of your site pages.

Copy the snippet below. Replace YOUR_SITENAME with your Social Commerce site name, which will be provided by your Account Manager.

!function(){var e=window.crl8=window.crl8||{},n=!1,i=[];e.ready=function(e){n?e():i.push(e)},e.pixel=e.pixel||function(){e.pixel.q.push(arguments)},e.pixel.q=e.pixel.q||[];var t=window.document,o=t.createElement("script"),c=e.debug||-1!"crl8-debug=true")?"js":"min.js";o.async=!0,o.src=t.location.protocol+"//"+CRL8_SITENAME+"/site/latest/site."+c,o.onload=function(){n=!0,i.forEach(function(e){e()})};var r=t.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];r.parentNode.insertBefore(o,r.nextSibling)}();

For example, if your site name is habilimentgalleries-dvgmz6, then you would use the following CRL8_SITENAME. Make sure to enclose with quotes:

var CRL8_SITENAME = 'habilimentgalleries-dvgmz6';
!function(){var e=window.crl8=window.crl8||{},n=!1,i=[];e.ready=function(e){n?e():i.push(e)},e.pixel=e.pixel||function(){e.pixel.q.push(arguments)},e.pixel.q=e.pixel.q||[];var t=window.document,o=t.createElement("script"),c=e.debug||-1!"crl8-debug=true")?"js":"min.js";o.async!=0,o.src=t.location.protocol+"//"+CRL8_SITENAME+"/site/latest/site."+c,o.onload=function(){n=!0,i.forEach(function(e){e()})};var r=t.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];r.parentNode.insertBefore(o,r.nextSibling)}();

Insert HTML on your ONE Page

To integrate the ONE Page on your site, we recommend creating a stand-alone page and placing the HTML tag where you would like the ONE Page experience to be displayed.

If you insert the HTML and do not see the experience load, it's likely that either:

  1. The Social Commerce script tag is missing.
  2. Or, the HTML div is missing.
<div data-crl8-container-id="dynamic-landing-page"></div>

For any integration questions please contact Support Community.