Social Commerce Display API

Get Started

In order to get started using the API, you need to acquire a data source. At this time, data sources must be obtained through Support CommunityIn your request, please describe the type of content you want to fit that data source.


Data Source

A data source is a scope of the brand’s content. A data source identifier is required to make requests to the /media endpoints. Examples of a data source include broad scopes, like “brand editorial” or “rights approved UGC”, or more specific scopes, like “my fanreel campaign2017”. Data sources can be filtered further using the API filter options, so it’s common to power several onsite experiences with a single data source.


Content is a piece of media plus metadata. Media can be an image, gif, or video. Metadata includes information about where the content originated (e.g. Instagram username and like count) and information attributed within the Social Commerce platform (like labels and product links).

Brand Content (brand editorial content)

Brand content is content that the brand either uploaded to Social Commerce directly or posted to a Social network, which was then ingested into the Social Commerce platform automatically. This content generally comes from the Brand’s own creative department where they have full distribution rights.

User-Generated Content (UGC)

UGC is content that comes from a brand’s user following. The Social Commerce platform enables moderation and distribution rights collection for this content. The API only returns UGC that has been moderated.


Products link to a web page and, at a minimum, have a title and image. Generally, products represent an actual product, style, or variant from the brand’s product feed, so they have structured metadata for the product like description, category, manufacturer, sku, price, sale_price, availability, etc.

Product Feed

Some of the API request filters and response data are directly mapped to the brand’s product feed. Product feeds come in many formats and Social Commerce normalizes product feeds to a standard set of fields: title, description, category, age, gender, brand, manufacturer, sku, mpn, gtin, color, material, size, price, sale_price, feed_id, and item_grouping_id. The Google Product Feed specification describes each field.

Examples of Data Source Definitions

  • Approved Content from one or more Fanreel(s)
  • Featured Content from Like2Buy store
  • All product-tagged and moderated content including Like2Buy, Fanreel, and Reveal
  • Content from Fanreels or Like2Buy stores across brands within the same account

The data source DKQGLerBTQCDXwNS can be used to get a sense of the API capabilities and is used in some of the examples below.


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