Display Media


The /media resource gets content for a given datasource. A media request is a GET request of the form:



All parameters are optional.

filterstring- Filters the requested content. See options in the Media Filter section below.

No default value
requireProductboolIf true, only content that has at least one piece of product metadata will be returned.

Default value = false
productMetadatastringComma-separated list of fields to return from the product feed.

No default value.
localestringThe locale of the returned product data. IETF language tag format (e.g. fr-FR): ISO 639 two-letter language code and ISO 3166 two-letter country code.

No default value.

The range of supported locales and default locale depends on the brand's product feed setup. If a requested locale is not available, the default is used instead.

- Latest: recent content based on when it was posted to the social network or uploaded to Social Commerce.
-Likes: content that was liked more on social
- Optimized: new and trending content that tends to get more engagement
- Moderation: content that was recently moderated on the Social Commerce dashboard

Default value = Latest
limitnumberLimiting the number of results, where limit equals the number of media you want to retrieve.

Default value = 10
afterstringBookmark used for paging in conjunction with the limit parameter. Every request made to the API returns an after bookmark that can be used on the next request.after=6ca1a4ad-fb10-41fa-abab-78531a80531e_1487593595790
beforestringBookmark used for paging in reverse.before=6ca1a4ad-fb10-41fa-abab-78531a80531e_1487593595790