Workflow Walk-Through

The following steps summarize the Displayable Content Export (DCE) workflow. These steps will typically be performed in order because each step relies on information from the previous steps:

  1. Request manifest file list
    Returns a list of available manifest files.
  2. Request manifest file location
    Returns a 302 redirect to the manifest file.
  3. 302 redirect to manifest file
    Returns a manifest file containing information listing what UGC data is available.
  4. Request UGC data file location
    Returns a 302 redirect to a UGC data file.
  5. 302 redirect to UGC data file
    Returns the UGC data file.

Once you have finished reading about the DCE workflow, continue on to an example using cURL where you will perform each step.

It is also helpful to use the Export Downloader command-line utility listed on the Tools page to help you learn about and interact with the DCE before you build your own DCE integration.