This page has basic steps to help you to fix some common issues encountered when using the Displayable Content Export (DCE). Many issues can be resolved by following the steps below.

General Troubleshooting Steps

Perform the following steps to troubleshoot a DCE issue.

  1. Check that the credentials (passkey and secret) are correct.
  2. Look for typos in the protocol, domain, URL and path.
  3. Ensure that you are using the correct headers.
  4. Verify the access signature was created correctly:
    • Access signature values should match the corresponding values used elsewhere in the request.
    • Access signature values are different for each request. Make sure you are using the correct values.
  5. Check the table below for error specific tips.
  6. Contact us for assistance.

Error Specific Troubleshooting Tips


The errors below refer to the latest version of the DCE HTTP Service. Refer to the reference section for previous version errors.

The following table shows common errors along with tips to help you troubleshoot.

No ResponseVerify domain is correct.
401 UnauthorizedRequest must include X-Bazaarvoice-Signature and X-Bazaarvoice-Timestamp.

Headers are present but values are invalid.

Verify that all values used in creation of signature are correct.

Access token must not be expired. Tokens are valid for 300 seconds after creation of timestamp.
403 ForbiddenRequest must include X-Bazaarvoice-Passkey.

Wrong passkey or passkey not approved yet.

Key / environment mismatch. EX: staging key used with production domain.

If you're getting 403 response from S3 when your code following redirect, please split request in two – first retrieve S3 redirect location from BV API and then create a new request without Host header to perform GET from S3.
404 Not FoundPath incorrect. EX: missing /data.
5XX ErrorsTry again in a few minutes. If the error is not resolved, contact us for assistance.

Still having trouble? Contact us for assistance.