BV Pixel implementation requires the BV loader on pages where you intend to collect events. The BV loader loads the JavaScript library, which tracks the activities on your website.

BV loader

  1. Determine the correct values to use in the BV loader path following the instructions in the list BV Pixel prerequisites

  2. After confirming the deployment of your BV loader file, load the Bazaarvoice javascript file on your page:

<script src="{client_name}/{siteID}/{environment}/{locale}/bv.js"></script?


The client name provided by Bazaarvoice. Remember that this value is case sensitive.


The deployment zone is set in the Conversations configuration hub within the Bazaarvoice workbench. The default deployment zone is main_site. Check with your Bazaarvoice representative to ensure the correct name, or log in to the configuration hub to verify.


The deployment environment where you want to implement BV Pixel. For a production environment, include production in the path. If you are referencing a staging environment, include staging in the path.


The locale used by the BV Pixel implementation. If you are not using US English (en_US), use the correct locale code.


Previous analytic solutions required clientId, dc, and environment values. These are no longer needed and are obtained through the loader file.