Frequently Asked questions regarding Product Sentiment Export.

I’m having issues requesting manifest file list.

When encountering issues related to the given problem, there are several key considerations to keep in mind:

a. Correct Secret:

Verify that the correct secret is being used. The secret should start with psi and be of the same length as the API key. Double-check for any typos or discrepancies in the secret.

b. X-Bazaarvoice-Host Header:

Ensure that the X-Bazaarvoice-Host parameter is included in the header of the request. This parameter is crucial for the server to identify the specific Bazaarvoice host being targeted.

c. Signature Check:

Validate the signature of the request. The signature is often used for authentication and security purposes. Confirm that the signature is generated correctly according to the specified algorithm and that it matches the expected value.

How often is the Top Consumer Sentiment on Site dash (insights) updated?

Data for Consumer Sentiment Insights is updated on monthly basis.

Is it possible to exclude keywords from the dashboard/ review highlights?

Unfortunately there is no way to exclude keywords from either dashboard or review highlights.

Regarding the Highlighted Reviews sentiments, is there a character limit for the “Title” and “Review Text” fields?

There is no limit. there is no further trim down of review title/ text within the BV system or sentiment scaffold system (which powers. PSI).

What languages/locales were supported by Review Highlights?

English, Spanish, French and German.

Contact Support for further assistance.