1. Request Manifest File List

The Product Sentiment Export workflow begins with a request for a manifest file list. Values in the list will be in the form of URL paths which will be used in the next step.



GET https://[stg.]api.bazaarvoice.com/psi/v1/data

Path tokens

Name Description

Optional subdomain indicating the request should use the non-production environment. Omit to use production. In either case, production data will be returned. Learn more at Getting Started.


Host: [stg.]api.bazaarvoice.com  
X-Bazaarvoice-Passkey: {PSI_PASSKEY}  
X-Bazaarvoice-Signature: {SIGNATURE}  
X-Bazaarvoice-Timestamp: {TIMESTAMP}

Refer to the Reference section for details on the headers and their values.

Access signature values

Replace the {SIGNATURE} token above with the following string, encrypted using the algorithm described at Creating the Access Signature.


Replace the tokens above with the appropriate values as described below:

Name Description

This is the same value communicated with the X-Bazaarvoice-Passkey header.


A Unix timestamp in milliseconds. This is the same value communicated by the X-Bazaarvoice-Timestamp header.

Using seconds or any increment other than milliseconds will cause your request to fail


Response will be a JSON object containing URL paths corresponding to available manifests. The following demonstrates a typical response:


Full manifests contain all product sentiment insights data. Use the most recently generated manifest to get a complete snapshot of your product sentiment insights data.

The URL paths will be used in the next step.