A client forgets their shared secret key. Should we share the shared secret key to the client?

No, we should not entertain this request. The process to create a new shared secret key is hacky and poses security risk.

How to unsubscribe a user from all Notification Types (PIE, APO etc)?

The client can use the keyword ALL for emailType which will unsubscribe a user of all the emailTypes.

What is the use of offset in the response received in GET API calls?

Offset is an encoded identifier of the last record returned in the response. Use this to fetch the next set of encrypted email addresses. Store this and use it to fetch a new set if you regularly update your database.

An email address was opted-out of a Notification type. Will resubscribe override the opt-out?

Yes, the record for the email address will be updated as subscribed to that particular Notification type.

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