Add Email Address to Opt-Out List

This page explains how to unsubscribe users from email notifications sent by the Bazaarvoice platform.


Unsubscribing users is a two step process involving:

  1. Create an email authentication token
  2. Add the token to an opt-out list.

Refer to the Tools page to view Open API specs and Postman collections that help you interact with the Notifications Subscriptions API.


POST /notifications/<client-name>/subscriptions/unsubscribe?passkey=<your-api-key>&userToken=<email-auth-token>&emailType=<email-type> HTTP/1.1
HOST: [stg.]
Content-Type: application/json

Use this request to add an encrypted email address to the opt-out list for a particular email type. This will unsubscribe that email address from the email type and remove the email address from the corresponding opt-in list for that email type.

Hover to see tokens you must update highlighted.


All parameters are required, unless otherwise noted.

[stg.]Optional. Use to make request in a non-production context. Refer to Environments to learn more.
<client-name>Lower case customer name associated with your API key. Look this up in Bazaarvoice Portal.
Query String
passkeyYour public API key. Look this up in Bazaarvoice Portal. .
userTokenSee Create Email Authentication Token.
emailTypeCapitalized email type. See Notification Types.
AcceptOptional. If included must be application/json.

Response body

Response will be a JSON object. The following demonstrates a typical response:

    "client": "apitestcustomer",
    "emailAddress": "12c9736cf20452e5198e9bea7b539323c19107672bf958bd3072fa06e0c87bc0",
    "subscriptionType": "OPT_OUT",
    "emailType": "PIE",
    "time": "2014-01-24T00:01:05.062Z",
    "emailAddressHash": "de7061b71475c6f62274b0ff561ac01c5e1507b9869598ac6de82ec6b0752060",
    "_id": "52e1ad4145631c82e6b158a7"

The emailAddress value can be decrypted following the process described at Decrypting Email Addresses.