Device Fingerprinting

This documentation explains how to create and submit a device fingerprint for a users mobile device. ##



Per the Bazaarvoice Authenticity Policy, you must send a device fingerprint attached to each submission. If you fail to send a device fingerprint with your submission, Bazaarvoice may take any action deemed necessary in Bazaarvoice’s sole discretion to protect the integrity of the network. Such actions may include but are not limited to: rejection of your content, halting syndication of your content on the Bazaarvoice network, revocation of your API key, or revocation of your API license.

Bazaarvoice has partnered with iovation, an industry leader in device reputation technology, to ensure authenticity in consumer-generated content. Bazaarvoice Mobile SDKs for Android and iOS support the ability to include the iovation fingerprint along with Conversations API Submission requests, using the fingerPrint parameter. Contact your Bazaarvoice support representative to request an evaluation of the iovation integration.

Refer to the Device Fingerprinting page of the Bazaarvoice Developer Portal for technical details about creating and submitting device fingerprinting information from iovation with consumer-generated content. Refer to the Mobile Device Fingerprinting page of the Developer Portal for mobile-specific details about integrating with iovation.

Downloading the iovation SDK

Retrieve the archive from Uncompress it and refer to iovation-ios-sdk-4.3.0/README.html for installation and usage instructions.

iOS integration


Before you start implementing this Mobile SDK module, verify your installation by checking the steps on the Installation page.

After you integrate the iovation.framework and the DevicePrint starts, the rest of the integration process is simple. For any BVReviewSubmission, BVQuestionSubmission, or BVAnswerSubmission request object created, add the fingerprint value like the sample below:

Objective-C SDK

BVReviewSubmission *review = [[BVReviewSubmission alloc] init... ];
review.fingerPrint = [DevicePrint blackbox];
// ...add in your other parameters (reviewText, reviewTitle, userNickname, etc.)...
let review = BVReviewSubmission( ... )
review.fingerPrint = DevicePrint.blackbox()
// ...add in your other parameters (reviewText, reviewTitle, userNickname, etc.)...

Swift SDK

let reviewSubmission = BVReviewSubmission(...)
    <+> .fingerprint(DevicePrint.blackbox())
// ...add in your other parameters (reviewText, reviewTitle, userNickname, etc.)…

Validating your iovation integration

After you install the iovation SDK with the Bazaarvoice Mobile SDK in your application, you can begin to POST Conversations content. Before your submit you application to the App Store, please submit one Review, Answer, or Question to Bazaarvoice on production. You can send the transaction ID for the successful submission and Bazaarvoice can verify the Authenticity service is properly set up.