Android Requirements

This page documents the requirments you may need to satisfy to use the Bazaarvoice Mobile SDK.


The mobile application requirements for integrating the Bazaarvoice Mobile SDK with Bazaarvoice products depend on how you are building your mobile application. Bazaarvoice recommends using the full BVSDK, though some clients may prefer - or only be able to use - direct API setups.

General requirements

Regardless of your build setup, the following steps must be taken:

  • Set a Mobile App Specific API Key: You may not use a single API key for multiple use cases or applications, and you may not use multiple application API keys for the same use case or application.
  • Set a Client ID: Your client ID is the company name you use when you sign into Workbench. It is required for both analytics and API key usage.
  • Implement the BV Pixel: You must implement the BV Pixel Transaction in order to use the API for any production (accessible by consumers) context, including any website, mobile app or other application making use of the API directly or indirectly through the use of any Bazaarvoice SDK or other client side library.
  • Send a Device Fingerprint and Author IP Address: Per the Bazaarvoice Authenticity Policy, you must send a device fingerprint and author IP address attached to each submission. If you fail to send a device fingerprint and author IP address with your submission, Bazaarvoice may take any action deemed necessary in Bazaarvoice’s sole discretion to protect the integrity of the network. This step is only required if you are submitting questions, reviews, and answers.

Configuration-specific requirements

Depending on your configuration, further development is required.

BVSDK (Preferred)Direct API + BV Analytics
Product IntegrationClients implement the full SDK for both UI and REST API or just REST API wrappers that are using the BVSDK to its full extent. In this case, the BVSDK handles all the configuration, analytics, and API request and response parsing for you.Some client may prefer to hit the Bazaarvoice APIs with their own solution or via a server-side API service. In this case, clients can opt to install a small portion of the Bazaarvoice SDK that will construct and send the required BV Pixel events for the APIs in use by the client application.
NetworksBVSDKBVSDK (Analytics only)
Required Analytics- BVTransactionEvent- BVConversionEvent

- BVPageViewEvent

- BVInViewEvent

- BVImpressionEvent

- BVFeatureUsedEvent

Contact us for help integrating your own analytics solution.