Rate Limit Headers

Rate Limit expresses a service level agreement in the form of a permissible number of API requests that can be made within a given time interval.

RateLimit-PolicyConveys the quota policies that apply to the client. For example, RateLimit-Policy: 10;w=1, 50;w=60 conveys two service limits within a single policy indicating that 10 requests can be made per second but only 50 requests in a 1 minute window.
RateLimit-LimitThe maximum number of requests that the client is allowed to make in this window.
RateLimit-RemainingThe number of requests allowed in the current window.
RateLimit-ResetThe relative time in seconds when the rate limit window will be reset.


Since there is more than one service limit the trio of headers must be set to the service limit that is closest to reaching its limit.