API Key Process

This section contains documentation specific to requesting and managing API keys.


API keys are unique alphanumeric values used to identify an application making API requests. API keys allow us to provide API usage metrics and allow our clients to control access to their data at any time.

In the example below, r538c65d7d3rsx2265tvzfje is an API key.

  • Key Request: Any member of a client instance can initiate a request for keys.
  • Key Activation: These keys remain inactive until enabled.
  • Activation Responsibility: Designated technical administrators on the client side are tasked with activating requested keys.
  • Activation Tool: This activation process is facilitated through the Portal API Key Management app.

Request new keys

To request API keys:

  1. Sign in to the Bazaarvoice Portal https://portal.bazaarvoice.com
    1. If you do not have a Portal account, ask the Bazaarvoice account administrator listed in your Portal profile to create an account for you. To learn about Portal, refer to the Bazaarvoice knowledge base.
  2. Request API keys:
    1. Ensure you are signed in to Portal.
    2. From the Portal menu, select Developer Tools under Administration.
    3. Select Request API key.
    4. To request a new API key, follow the instructions in the request form.
    5. Submit the request. You will receive an email summarizing the API key's details.
  3. Get approval for your API key:
    1. Your company's technical administrator needs to approve your keys. Your keys are automatically created in a pending state until approved.
      Tip: You can check on the status of your request by viewing your list of keys in the API Key Management application in Portal.

Accessing the API Key Management application

  1. Sign in to Portal at https://portal.bazaarvoice.com.
  2. From the Portal menu, select Developer Tools under Administration.


To complete the steps in the following sections, the following conditions must be true:

  • Your client instance must have API access. If your client instance does not have API access, contact your Bazaarvoice representative.
  • Your Portal user account must have the Technical Contributor or Technical Administrator role assigned. Refer to the knowledge base for details about these roles. To verify your role assignment, contact the account administrator listed in your Portal profile.
  • Your Portal user account must have the Ratings and Reviews solution assigned. Refer to the knowledge basefor details about assigning solutions. To verify your role assignment, contact the account administrator listed in your Portal profile.

API key management permissions

Your access to viewing, editing, approving, or requesting keys within the Bazaarvoice Portal varies based on your role. Refer to the Bazaarvoice knowledge base for detailed information on the API key management actions corresponding to each role in the portal.

Viewing keys


Access to keys is limited to those you have requested or are associated with a specific role. Technical contributors can only view keys they have requested, while technical administrators have visibility over all keys within their client instance. If your key is in a "Pending" state, it requires approval from a technical administrator.

  1. Use filters to narrow down the list of keys based on API type, project name, status, etc.
  2. Use the search bar if you know the exact API key value you're looking for. You can use asterisks as wildcards. For example, searching for cAuS* returns all keys that begin with "cAuS". Note that search is case sensitive.
  3. Use the sort functionality to order the keys by project name, locked status, requester name, and other options.
  4. Select a key's project name to view detailed information about that key.

Enable or disable keys

The technical administrator for your account must approve the keys before they can be used.

To approve keys as a technical administrator:

  1. Use the Key details > Status filter to narrow the list of keys to ones with a Pending state.
  2. Select the project name of a key to open its detailed view.
  3. Select Enable key.
  4. Select Save. Note: You can also disable keys from the detail view.