Requesting API Keys

Perform the following steps to request API keys:

Log on to the Bazaarvoice Portal

Log on to Portal

If you do not have a Portal account, ask the Bazaarvoice account administrator listed in your Portal profile to create an account for you. To learn about Portal, refer to the Bazaarvoice knowledge base.

Request API Keys via the API Key Management application


To complete the steps in this section, the following conditions must be true:

  • Your client instance must have API access. If your client instance does not have API access, contact your Bazaarvoice representative.
  • Your Portal user account must have the Technical Contributor or Technical Administrator role assigned. Refer to the knowledge base for details about these roles. To verify your role assignment, contact the account administrator listed in your Portal profile.
  • Your Portal user account must have the Ratings and Reviews solution assigned. Refer to the knowledge base for details about assigning solutions. To verify your role assignment, contact the account administrator listed in your Portal profile.
  1. Ensure you are logged on to Portal.
  2. Click the Portal menu and select Developer Tools under Administration.
  3. Click the Request API key button.
  4. Follow the instructions in the request form to request a new API key. After you submit the request, you receive an email summarizing the API key's details.
  5. Register your application with Bazaarvoice.
  6. Wait for a technical admin to approve your keys.

Register your application with Bazaarvoice

In order to receive your OAuth2 Client Credentials(client_id and client_secret), register your application by contacting our Support team at

Copy/paste the template below into your support case and then manually replace the <PLACE_HOLDER> tokens with the appropriate information.

Please register an application for use with the <API_NAME>




REDIRECT URIS:(Mandatory for 3-legged OAuth only)  



Refer to the table below for information about each value. All values are required.

Bazaarvoice API namePrivacy API
Bazaarvoice Portal user email addressThis is the email address associated with a Bazaarvoice Portal account. You must have an account prior to registering an application. This email address will receive emails associated with the API.
Developer countryThe country where the developer is located.
Client instance namesThis name should match the client instance you want your keys to have access to. You can find client instance names in the Portal or Workbench client picker menu.

Ex: acme-en_us, acme-fr_fr
App Display NameThis is a human readable name that will be displayed to users when they grant access to your application.

Ex: Acme Privacy App
App DescriptionA brief explanation of how this application will be used.

Ex: App for custom privacy regulations compliance dashboard.
Redirect URIsOne or more complete URLs to a resource implemented by your application. This is where the application will redirect to after a user authenticates with their credentials. One per line. You can omit this field if you are developing a 2-legged OAuth2 privacy application.

MANDATORY for 3-legged OAuth2

Wait for your technical administrator to approve your keys

After you request keys, your company's technical administrator needs to approve your keys. Your keys are automatically created in a pending state until they are approved. You may check on the status of your request by viewing your list of keys in the API Key Management application in Portal.